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Tree Tree Ishinomaki


What is Ishinomaki Kokushi?

"Ishinomaki Koshi" is a standard Kokeshi design with "fish border" which treated fish patterns in red and blue tricolor color, and many original kokeshi incorporating various colors and shapes and motifs are also made.

In addition to Kokeshi with free ideas such as "cat-catching" wearing the cat's hood, "Takako Tako" on top of the head, and other collaborations with miscellaneous goods stores and seasons etc., develop various series We will. These kokeshi are produced at the atelier of Ishinomaki Municipal Town. Round the square material with lathes such as lathes and bite, and imitate the kokeshi, painting, these processes are made by the writer's forest by one person.

Kokeshi writer  Takatoshi Hayashi

It is I, Takatoshi Hayashi, that I am building Ishinomaki Kokushi while working at a Kimono yard, holding an atelier in the "Hayashiya Kimono Shop" located in the Tatehachi Odori Shopping Street near the Ishinomaki station.

I am living a life wearing two pairs of weeds called "employees of Kimono ya" managed by my parents, and "Kokeshi artist" making Ishinomaki Kokeshi.

Kokeshi making is 80% as a percentage of work. However, in both work, I hope that many customers from the city and outside will come to the Ishinomaki area and the town will be crowded.

I am struggling to make fun and cute kokeshi so that I can become a trigger to the reaction I went to Ishinomaki as "go" "search" "buy" "eat" "play".

Although I am afraid of handmade miso, I am proud to be making cute kokeshi which imaged Ishinomaki, so if you have the opportunity I would like you to pick us up.

Origin of brand name

The origin of "Tree Tree" of the shop name "Tree Tree Ishinomaki" of Ishinomaki Kokoshi has two meanings of "tree" (Tree) of the kanji in the forest of the company, meaning "tree and tree" It also contains the meaning that people who meet "Mind" meet and can do something together.

Company Profile

Founded in 1965, it is a Kimono store that has a store in Ishinomaki's Rikkocho shopping district. On March 11, 2015, the third generation of the Kimono shop started production of the creative Kokeshi "Tree Tree Ishinomaki (Ishinomaki Koshi)" as a business of Kimono shop.

Currently we are engaged in the production sales and painting experience of Kokeshi at Kimono shop, and we also sell orders from individuals in distant places, individuals irregularly.

We also conduct wholesale sales transactions at seven stores in Sendai Station, Sendai Airport, Road Station and other prefectures. We also participate in events (demonstration, talks), workshops and so on irregularly.

Pick up shop

Tree Tree Ishinomaki

Miyagi prefecture Ishinomaki-shi Tachimachi 2-6-26 Linya Kuyuku store


Tohokumeguri  Irotoiro  Sendai store

Miyagi Prefecture Sendai-shi Aoba-ku Central 1-1 S-PAL Sendai East Building 2F



Miyagi prefecture Natori shimomeda character Minamihara Sendai airport New passenger terminal 2F



Miyagi Prefecture Osaki-shi Iwadeyama Ikechi-ku Shimomiya Michita 4-1 Specialty Goods Sales Office


Ishinomaki Genkiichiba

Miyagi Prefecture Ishinomaki-shi Central 2-11-11 1F Product Sales Corner


Cafe Hamaguridou

Miyagi prefecture Ishinomaki City Momoura Yusuhama 18




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​〒986-0824 宮城県石巻市立町2-6-26


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